Training, Education, Presentations

Do you need a meeting or write down lengthy notes?

How do you show someone how to do something on your PC, and do they remember it, or do you need to show them again (and again)?

Do you write manuals or instruction guides, perhaps with screenshots?

Why not record a video of the screen and your narrative explaining what you are doing and share it for everyone to watch? This is then available at any time it may be needed in the future.

Here is a simple example to give you an illustration about how this could be used:

Someone wanted to know how to take part payments of invoices via Stripe. There is a feature in Stripe that lets you create a “payment link” which can be sent to the customer to simply click on and make payment. A video was created showing how to do it and within 3 minutes this was available to view.

We recommend you take a look at Loom (