Property comes with its own set of challenges – subject to forever changing tax legislation and complex lending deals, it’s essential to receive the best and most current advice in order to maximise your profits.


Starting out in property

You’re ready to put your foot into the world of property investment, so why not let DUA help you at each step of the way. Our knowledgable partners can provide advice, information and help with how to fund your investment. DUA will help you start off on the right foot when stepping into the world of property.

Acting for property investors

DUA can provide advice on all elements of accounting, tax, and commercial matters for property investments you come across, or existing investments you’d like us to take a closer look at to help maximise your return.


Acting for property developers

Developing property requires close management of finance, risk, and decision-making. Let DUA help whilst minimising your tax obligations but ensuring regulatory compliance is up-held.

Acquisitions and disposals

When it comes to acquiring and disposing of property, it really helps to work with a specialist who has can guide you through each step of the process, allowing you to make smart, informed decisions. DUA has a wealth of experience when it comes to acquisitions and disposal of property.


Structuring and tax planning

It’s important that you have your property portfolio correctly structured to allow for the best tax minimisation, whilst remaining completely compliant with all regulations. Let DUA help you form your portfolio, or look at the best way to restructure in order to meet your changing needs.