Investing in the UK

Investing in the UK offers a range of fantastic opportunities. Let DUA advise you, minimise risk, carry out formalities, and ensure that there is a detailed strategy for every step of the journey.


Structure and risk management

When making an investment in the UK, it’s vital you have the correct investment structure and are aware of any potentials risks. Once you’re aware of any potential risks, they can be managed to ensure safety in a worst-case scenario.

Setting up your business

The first step to investing in the UK is setting up your business. It might be your first, or it might be a new company formation within an existing group, but DUA will ensure your business is formed correctly from the outset.


Dealing with formalities

When making an investment in the UK, it’s important to keep on top of all your obligated formalities. Working with DUA takes away the stress and burden this would otherwise bring.

UK tax and incentives

If you’re investing in the UK, you’ll want to minimise your tax liabilities and take advantage of any other incentives made available by the government which is applicable to your business. DUA keeps you regulatory compliant and up-to-date whenever there is an opportunity.


Acquisition and growth strategies

Growing your investments in the UK requires the help of experienced individuals who are knowledgeable in your sector, which is why DUA will assign the most relevant individual towards helping you grow your investment portfolio.