Growing your business is not something you should be afraid of, and is often vital to achieving maximum success. Working with DUA provides you with a wealth of knowledge and experience to make sure you scale up correctly.


Access to finance & working capital

Finance and capital is often the first thing which comes to mind when you think of scaling up any business. DUA will help bring this within reach.

Building systems & digital strategy

When you start to think about scaling up, it’s important that you have the correct systems and digital strategies in place, allowing you to focus on running the business, instead of working with poorly managed processes.


Developing & retaining your talent pool

A happy, well-managed pool of talent is critical when you’re scaling up your business. DUA can help develop and retain the talent within your business to ensure each person is ready for what comes next in your route to success.

Business planning & forecasting

When scaling up, it’s absolutely vital to have a detailed business plan and forecast of the future. This lets you plan for any future difficulties or hurdles before they become a problem, as well as track progress against your end goal.


Improving Profitability

DUA provides the advice and knowledge you need to improve the profitability of your business. Our detailed review and consultation process will see each section of your business critically reviewed to ensure it’s being run in the most profitable manner.

Acquisition and succession planning

It’s important to start planning for potential acquisitions of an asset, or business which will help your company scale up. DUA provides support for each step of acquisition and ensures there is a plan in place to ensure a smooth succession for all roles and elements within your business.