Improving Your Wealth

Financial security is an important goal. You have a defined number of working years to accumulate your wealth.


Let’s get things on-track

Life is full of surprises and having a healthy reserve supporting you is essential so you are in control and can manage the ups/downs of economic risks.

We work with you to ensure sensible plans are put in place for long-term savings, building assets, good liquidity, planning for education, and major spending. Ensuring that in later life you have the resources to enjoy and not miss out on any choices.

Preserving Wealth

Whatever your financial goals, keeping your money where it matters is of utmost importance. Whether you wish to invest your profits back into your business, are managing your investments, planning for a pension or want to ensure that your earnings remain in your family, wealth preservation is about positioning your money where it has the greatest possible potential to increase in value – while also taking advantage of a healthy tax planning strategy, to minimise the erosion of your assets and earnings. Inheritance tax, not making efficient use of ISA’s, pensions plans or savings breaks can all create tax waste – and DUA. can help you put a solid plan in place to minimise that waste.

By assessing and evaluating your financial situation and helping you to make the most of tax breaks, personal and marital allowances, tax-free savings plans, strategic gifting and trusts, DUA can help you to make your financial goals a reality. Our many years of experience in accountancy and business advisory mean we are perfectly placed for helping you to expertly navigate the complex waters of wealth preservation – and we provide a bespoke service, which is tailored to the personal needs and goals of our clients.



Building Wealth

Having financial goals and a clear vision of what your requirements will be during key moments in life enable us to sit with you and build wealth. Our clients in consultation with us analyse where they are now and where they need to get to. Their income and budgets are reviewed to identify the “free cash” they can use to accumulate wealth.

Before investing all elements needed to make a decision are considered – risk/return/lock-in/availability. Then we help clients to ensure they are able to monitor the success and security of those investments. Over the years building wealth under their control and for the enjoyment of them and their loved ones.

Succession Planning

You’ve put years of time, effort and dedication into your business or enterprise, and the decision to step down can be a difficult one. But, whether you’re retiring out of necessity or handing over your business for a healthy profit, having a considered, viable succession plan can take the stress and pain out of what can be a complicated transition. It’s not just about selling your business to the highest bidder, it’s about setting up a trustworthy, experienced leader to take care of your business – so that your payouts continue for as long as possible. Careful planning is necessary to ensure that the right owner is found, clients can be painlessly transitioned and operating processes can be codified, while ensuring the necessary agreements are in place – it’s the best financial option for you, and it’s the best for ensuring your legacy doesn’t fold the second you walk out of that door.

DUA can help you perform due diligence on any potential buyers, draw up firm, watertight documentation which protects you in every eventuality, assist with drawing up a retirement plan for your future, protect your assets and ensure that you and your family has sufficient funds for any eventuality. By providing a bespoke, transparent service which is tailored to meet your needs at every step of the way, DUA can take the headache and bureaucracy of succession planning off your hands, leaving you free to focus on your future.