Supporting Our Local Community

We make our business a part of the local community, investing our time in local organisations, attending and staging events and supporting charitable causes. We intend to make our business a better place to be.

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Corporate Connect Club

As a founder member of The One YMCA Corporate Connect Club, we recognise this truly unique opportunity to genuinely change (and save) the lives of some of the most vulnerable in our community!

What is the Corporate Connect Club

The Corporate Connect Club offers an opportunity for your business to do that. It’s a place for you and your staff to truly have an impact in changing (and saving) lives.

It’s an opportunity to get involved through a commitment. This is about giving everyone and every organisation a chance to add value and change lives in their local community.

That is just a start though, and by getting even more involved, by making a commitment to the community, members can truly contribute, influence and deliver life-changing work in the community.

Learn more about some of the events we are hosting and partner events we are attending

Patrons of Hertfordshire

The Chambers of Commerce represent every business from the local to the global. They’re creating jobs, driving innovation, and building strong communities. They give businesses a place to belong, a space to inspire and a Network that empowers them to grow.

Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce Promote ‘Buy Local’, organise ‘Supply Chain’, ‘Meet the Buyer’ and ‘Networking’ events. It showcases Hertfordshire Professional Services and facilitates introductions to companies who have county-based contracts requiring suppliers, talent and services and focuses attention on the talent pool of Hertfordshire residents by helping promote apprenticeships and other recruitment opportunities.