Technology companies are exciting, fun and fast moving. Each fraught with their own set of demands and require an experienced, personalised approach to meet specific business needs.



Everyone deserves a clear path to success. By working with DUA, you’ll receive unrivaled knowledge about how to keep growing and see your tech start-up succeed.

Scaling and attracting investors

Your tech business is flying and things are looking up! Let DUA help you scale your business, making sure there is no compromise as things get bigger. We’re ideally positioned to help position your business in front of investors to raise the vital investment you might need.


Tax reliefs

Is your technology business making effective use of all the available tax reliefs? We’ll help to minimise your tax responsibilities, whilst maintaining regulatory compliance.

Attracting and retaining talent

It’s no secret that a business is dependent on the talented individuals behind it. When building and scaling a technology business, it’s critical to be able to find the best talent and retain them for the smooth operation of your business. Speak with DUA about how we can help manage the talent within your business.


International expansion

Taking your technology business to a multi-national audience might be on the cards sooner than you’d expect, but are you ready for the journey ahead? DUA is experienced in taking technology businesses to a global audience and is ready to provide expert guidance to you along the journey.

Planning your exit

It’s never too early to be planning your exit. You put a lot on the line to build your technology business, so it’s important to have an end goal in sight so that you can strategically plan the growth and development of your business to tie up with your personal exit plan.