Tax Solutions​

Keeping abreast of your tax requirements can seem an overwhelmingly complex task, especially for Individuals, businesses and business owners. Let DUA take care of all your tax needs.


Tax Planning

Tax planning is becoming increasingly burdensome – with an emphasis on taxpayers’ individual responsibilities and new, complex legislation to navigate, expert professional advice and support is needed in order to optimise your outcomes while ensuring they meet all necessary compliance requirements. DUA recognise the importance of maximising every pound of your income or inheritance, and as tax and tax planning specialists, we can provide you with year-round personal tax planning advice on income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, trusts and estates, and non-domiciliary tax issues.

Tax Strategy

Whatever your age, personal situation or financial circumstances, there will always be financial goals to work towards. Whether you’re planning to raise and educate children, caring for ageing parents, saving for your retirement, managing your income to fund a divorce or simply want to achieve your desired standard of living, we can help you to put a tax strategy in place which will allow you to realise your goals. We can help with making the most of allowances and exemptions, tax for the over 65’s, family tax planning, assets transference, saving for your children, contingency planning, unclaimed assets, and taxation for non-domiciliaries and other remittances.


Self-Employed Tax

Taking a leap into being a business owner is one of the most exciting experiences of your working life, but it can also be the most daunting. Whether you’re a locum or freelance specialist wanting to take control of your working pattern, or an entrepreneur with a great business idea, we can support you on your journey to being self-employed. This involves registering you with HMRC and taking care of your tax compliance requirements, alongside supporting and advising you on how best to structure your new business venture – allowing you peace of mind to drive your business forward.

Minimising Your Liabilities

Ensuring that your business is not over or underpaying tax is vital, which is why we offer an extensive range of high-quality tax planning services to help minimise your tax exposure and administrative burden.

This includes: achieving the optimum capital or revenue tax treatment, reducing tax on disposals, maximising relief on acquisitions and making the most of industry-specific tax opportunities.


Structuring Efficiently

Our highly skilled team of experts can provide a realistic, constructive assessment of your business. We can also help restructure your business for efficiency. We can work with you to make practical, realistic and sustainable financial plans that help you achieve your business goals, and we strive to understand the workings of your business from the inside so that we can provide you with tailored insights.