DUA INAA Accountants

DUA is a member firm of the INAA, an international accounting association of independent practices! The INAA was set up more than 25 years ago. It helps members collaborate and expand their operations and their business around the globe.  The association shares a vision:


Making global business personal and taking personal business global

INAA is among the top 14 in the list of associations and alliances by Accountancy Age Magazine.

The association’s success continues as a direct result of the close personal and professional relationships of members of their firms. Regular meetings and international Tax and Audit Forums help to bond these relationships.

The INAA operates Its own code of conduct and is governed by a democratically elected board including a chairman, vice chairman and seven directors.

Thinking without borders! Delivering international accounting & auditing services

Worldwide business opportunities are much more accessible, so there is a greater need to deliver a variety of international accounting, audit, and professional advisory services. Our global network of professionals enables the provision of worldwide accounting support and tax advice to clients where ever their businesses are established.

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A global service, tendered with personal care

All clients value the personal touch.

The trust built between local, regional, and international INAA members helps ensure every client receives the same standard of personal service, irrespective of their worldwide location.

This personal bond extends the reach of INAA members and helps maintain the value of that personal touch.

An international extension

The reach of our association allows our practice to deliver a continuous, efficient high-level service for our customers in any location or area of specialism.

Working with highly skilled, multi-lingual tax specialists or auditors in more than 50 countries is just as easy as speaking with one of our colleagues in one of our other offices.


Discover how we can help your business with our international tax and advisory services

Growing your investments in the UK requires the help of experienced individuals who are knowledgeable in your sector, which is why DUA will assign the most relevant individual towards helping you grow your investment portfolio.