Podcasts as a marketing tool

Businesses can use podcasts as an effective digital marketing tool.

Podcasts are recordings of an audio discussion on a specific topic or theme such as business, travel or current affairs. They tend to consist of a series of episodes that listeners can download and listen to via a smartphone or computer.

Podcasts are effective marketing tools because they can help businesses to reach a specific target audience. The very best podcasts create value for listeners by being informative, relevant and educational. This can help listeners to feel connected to a particular brand because they tune in regularly to listen to the latest updates.

With an estimated 5 billion people around the world owning a mobile device, the potential audience for a podcast is huge. There are around 800,000 active podcasts worldwide.

The best podcasts are the ones with the most engaging content. Your audience can download episodes to listen to in the future and they can share their favourite ones with friends and colleagues. When creating a podcast, consider what content would be interesting and relevant to your customers. Your podcast shouldn’t be about selling your products or services. Instead, focus on creating brand awareness. For example, if your customers are in the logistics sector, then maybe they would be interested in listening to a podcast that focuses on the business issues, trends and developments in their sector.

As you create new content, you can reach out to your target audience and notify them that a new episode or series is now available to download. This gives you a reason to make contact with your customers, thereby keeping your firm’s brand front of mind.

Podcasts are inexpensive and easy to produce. All you need is a quiet room, a microphone and a computer. There are various software packages available for recording a podcast and some are available to download free of charge.

If you want your podcast to stand out, give it a catchy title and include a brief description which summarises what your podcast is all about.

Once you start producing your podcast, try to update it with new content at least once a month. You can then promote the series on your company website, e-newsletters, on LinkedInTwitter and so forth.

As a final tip, try to invite quest speakers to join you on different episodes of your podcast. Perhaps you could have a tax expert join one episode, a cyber security consultant on the next one, and so on.