iPhone 15

Is it worth the upgrade?

The new iPhone 15 is here, and it looks pretty much the same as the iPhone 14. There is a standard version and a Pro version. There is the option of a 6.1-inch display or a 6.7-inch display (just like on the iPhone 14). There are various colours to choose from and the camera is pretty similar.

There are a few interesting new features on the iPhone 15 which may encourage those with older devices, to decide to upgrade. The big news is that Apple has switched from the traditional lightning connector to a standard USB-C connector. Moving to a standard connector makes sense as most other devices including laptops and headphones all use USB-C cables.

Apple has suggested that the iPhone 15 should have all day battery life and the official statistics are up to 20 hours video playback on the 6.1-inch model and 26 hours on the 6.7-inch model. Both the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro come with powerful processors but unless you are a gamer or use power-hungry photo editing apps on your iPhone, you are unlikely to see any significant difference in performance.

The Pro version of the iPhone 15 is now made from titanium rather than aluminium. The new material looks great but in reality, most people put a case on their phone to protect it so the new finish is unlikely to be seen. The iPhone 15 Pro is noticeably lighter in weight than the iPhone 14 Pro and this is almost entirely down to the titanium case.

The iPhone 15 is a premium device and starts at £799 for the basic 6.1-inch version. The iPhone 15 Pro starts from £999 for a 6.1-inch rising to £1,199 for the 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The iPhone 15 models offer plenty of storage, from 128GB up to 1TB but the extra storage costs more. An iPhone 15 Pro Max with 1TB of storage costs a whopping £1,599.

If you want the latest and greatest smartphone the iPhone 15 range offers just that. However, a more sensible option would be to buy last year’s iPhone 14 which starts at a more reasonable £699 and offers most of the same features. It looks similar, has similar capabilities, the battery life is good and the camera takes good pictures. For most business users, that’s all that matters