Develop your customer engagement strategy

Customer engagement is earned through trust and over time.

Customer engagement is all about attracting and influencing customers in order to capture and retain their attention.

Good communication is the foundation of any customer engagement strategy. As more and more interactions with customers have moved online, businesses have had to adapt in order to make brand communication more personal.

Although conversations are central to effective customer engagement, the goal is to get the customer to talk, while you listen. The more the customer talks, the more they will reveal regarding their needs. If a customer feels that they have been listened to, they will feel like they are building a relationship with your business.

You can also drive customer engagement by helping them along the customer journey.

For example, many businesses now use live chat applications to ensure that customer queries can be responded to in real time. This makes the customer feel valued.

Engaging with customers effectively means reminding them about what you have to offer. You should avoid the hard sell. Instead, focus on sharing little bits of useful information. For example, sharing articles or short ‘how-to’ videos that address particular points of pain for customers. Many businesses use blogs and social media to share regular articles, tips and ideas with customers. If you provide a solution to a problem, customers will come back to you again and again, for further inspiration. The point is to share interesting content that adds value for your customers.

Your customer engagement strategy should focus on retaining existing customers as well as acquiring new ones. Retaining existing customers is more cost effective in that they already have a degree of trust in your business. Existing customers tend to spend more and if they are happy, they will recommend your brand to family and friends, which further drives customer engagement. Customers engage with businesses repeatedly when they feel appreciated, listened to and looked after.